What clients say

“Metech searches for partner companies how strive for a correct yet pragmatic approach on business challenges we face today. Moore Stephens is one of the companies sharing and applying this philosophy together with Metech in daily business practices.

This also means Moore Stephens is considered not just another supplier, but a strategic partner to support the growth of Metech in the years to come. Service and quality of work remains crucial to the stakeholders of the company and Moore Stephens has not yet failed on us in this regard.

Anticipation on the continuously changing economical environment and especially within Serbia is decisive in our market, and here Moore Stephens plays a crucial role. This enables us to fully concentrate on our core activities of production and logistics.”

Geert Raymakers, CFO


„Moore Stephens Auditing and Accounitng is our long term partner in external auditing. As a full-fledged member of Moore Stephnes International, it gives additional assurance that every auditing assignment will be done accurately, from revision planning, all revision processes, perception of all business activities’ risks and established internal controls, to making audit reports, letters with recommendations for the management and issuing opinions on financila reports.
Basis for all the above are expert teams, specialists for diverse audit areas that went through necessery foreign training, adopted audit methodologies verified by audits done in foreign countries and having the lastest auditory software, auditory sampling and data base research.
Cooperation with their teams is a major experience, knowledge outbuilding of our accountants and internal auditors, thus we would always recommend them to companies that want to put their business and financial reporting under serious auditing and adjust it to international standards.“

Miroljub Aleksić, CEO
PIONIR d.o.o.


“Employees of the company MOORE STEPHENS Auditing and Accounting have been adapting from the beginning to the needs of Postanska Stedionica Bank and fulfilled the tasks in hand in very professional manner which is why this year again the Bank chose MOORE STEPHENS for audit of financial statements.

MOORE STEPHENS Team demonstrated, this time as well, full commitment and efficient conduct of the audit process. Full of energy, enthusiasm and knowledge in their profession, they are willing at any given moment to respond to Bank`s requests which proves high level of professionalism that does not diminish accessibility to the Clients` needs, all in order to understand and comprehensively review business processes which lead to ultimate outcome, which is high quality of the service provided.

Their work is always independent, objective, with an appropriate level of skepticism, which imposes additional engagements to establish a safe attitude that something is right, as stated in the reports.

It is great to cooperate with a team of experienced experts who are ready to make additional efforts to make the service carried out even before the scheduled deadlines.

Having in mind the extremely quality relationship that this company establishes and maintains with its clients and business partners, as well as services at a highly professional level, we are pleased to recommend it to other institutions that require this type of service and emphasize as an example to other companies engaged in the same activity.”

Mr Bojan Kekić, President of the Executive Board
Banka Poštanska Štedionica

"Moore Stephens Audit and Accounting is our long-term partner on which we rely on as a trustworthy auditor, who takes care of and keeps our business on the right track. They contribute to the improvement of financial reporting and accounting, internal control systems, risk management and business processes. The teams we worked with were always professional and responsible, always ready to cooperate. We will continue to cooperate with them and recommend them to others in business."

Milovan Đurović, President of the Executive Board​
Globos osiguranje a.d.o

Although we have worked with and continue to work with a large number of audit companies, we would like to point out MOORE STEPHENS Auditing and Accounting with whom our organization has been cooperating for many years. During this period, the company was engaged in the financial audit of a large number of projects, some of which had significant budgets and demanding financial procedures. Also, several annual financial audits of the SKGO itself were also carried out. During the cooperation in these activities, SKGO had the opportunity to meet with a larger number of employees at MOORE STEPHENS Auditing and Accounting.

We believe that MOORE STEPHENS possesses not only an excellent knowledge of the procedures and actions required, but also a high level of professionalism, systematics and ease in the implementation of all activities. With this kind of work, Moore Stephens, in the case of our organization, only confirms the already good reputation that accompanies this audit house.

All the provisions of the cooperation agreement in all segments were regularly fulfilled, which contributed to the strengthening of the trust of our organization in the company MOORE STEPHENS Auditing and Accounting. The employees of the company have a number of personal qualities, and during each audit they demonstrated high professionalism, expertise and dedication to work.

Đorđe Staničić, Secretary General
SKGO Beograd


"ALMEX is now composed of 16 members, in different ways connected legal entities and individuals. Although we know that the preparation of transfer pricing studies for the members of our Company was extensive, demanding and very intensive, we find that it was completed very correctly. Representatives of Moore Stephens Audit and Accounting, apart from being professional and authoritative, were both patient and polite, and full of understanding for the problems and setbacks that we jointly encountered in our work. All compliments and gratitude to these fantastically professional, cultural and professional young people, who presented their company in the best possible way."

Ljiljana Ocokoljić, Director of Internal Control 


’’We have long-lasting relationship with MOORE STEPHENS  Revizija i Računovodstvo d.o.o. which dates back from 2006. The overall services provided by their auditors and tax consultants  were of a high professional level, always showing the profound knowledge of  accounting principles, reporting standards and tax legislations.  They have always performed their contractual obligations in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions but we would also point out a friendly attitude, the   high commitment and support of their staff.“

Dragan Lazić, Director
Xella Srbija d.o.o.


„Sano Group is the internationally leading brand in specialized animal nutrition and related services on farms. In our small german headquarter we handle legal entities in 24 countries all over the globe. Therefore it is essential to have reliable financial figures from all companies and we choose Moore Stephens in many of our countries as competent audit partners. Our serbian company has full complexity of sales, production, logistic, administration and is also internationally selling/buying products and raw materials. Therefore it gives our serbian management and our central headquarter a very safe feeling to be supported by Moore Stephens Audit and Accounting.“

Christian Schubert
Sano Holding


"Team of audit company Moore Stephens Audit and Accounting shows a high level of professionalism in fulfilling all of our requirements. They are very effective, they comply with all the deadlines and are always focused on the content of the task, without taking our time to a large number of additional questions, because they understand all the tasks and inform us clearly in a timely manner about all the steps in the audit process."

Darko Lazović, Finance Manager
McDonald’s DL, Nicefoods restorani d.o.o.

"Moore Stephens is appreciated, not because of expertise, knowledge, precision and accuracy, because eventually others have the same, but because of understanding for all of our small and numerous differences and reflections, because of the smile with which they accept our requirements and the way they solve them. Once you enter their office and feel comfortable working atmosphere in which all your requests are solved, you know that you are in the right place and that you have chosen certainty and added value, which is our mission (Choose certainty – add value)."

Tatjana Miljević, Finance director

"Company Moore Stephens provides quality service, the audit is carried out in a timely manner and there is a possibility to get support and advice not related to audit, when we need it.

The audit team was very professional in its approach. It is necessary to emphasize their expertise, and many years of experience that can help in improvement of business operations."

Milica Adamovic, CFO
Nacionalni park Đerdap

"The team that makes Moore Stephens is exceptionally professional and available at all times. Many years of experience in the area of accounting and auditing is the security for fast and efficient work performance. The kindness and the intuition of the employees makes the joint work and functioning more pleasant."

Gordana Milić, Head of Finance Department
Skijališta Srbije

"In accordance with your request for an opinion and recommendations, based on the services provided, we would like to express our satisfaction with the long-lasting successful business cooperation. Moore Stephens is characterized by: efficiency in work, professional and dynamic team of auditors, commitment to work, readiness to provide expert opinions, help and answers when there is a dilemma or contradictory opinion, support in the applying and implementation of IAS and IFRS in our accounting policy. I would recommend to continue with engagement of young people through the dedication and encouragement of their education and creativity in order to maintain and improve the quality of services and to recognize providing new services that can bring added value to the company."

Sanja Vasić, Deputy General Manager​
Intereuropa a.d.

"I would not refer to cooperation with Moore Stephens as a classic service. The right definition is a partnership that is continually upgraded. They are available 365 days a year to answer any question and resolve our dilemmas. They know our business to details, which enables them to do their job quickly and efficiently."

Stefan Cvetković, Finance director
Jugo-Impex E.E.R. d.o.o. Niš


"Working with Moore Stephens, we have met with a high level of knowledge, commitment and professionalism of their employees, as well as understanding the specificity of business, both in our business and in the individual company. Throughout the years of cooperation, the quality of the audit has been continually improved and the process itself has been greatly facilitated, in order to regulate the professional audit requirements and requirements that regular business poses to our employees. In addition, the provision of significant business advice by Moore Stephens' employees and a permanent professional support has enabled more efficient management and continuous improvement of our company. I am sure that in the work of Moore Stephens and their employees, you will recognize a responsible and reliable partner that will significantly contribute to improving the business and prosperity of your company, therefore I strongly recommend cooperation.

Dragan Ružić, CFO​


"Auditors from Moore Stephens have a very personalized approach to each project, regardless to how specific and challenging they can different projects be supported by the EU and other sources of international development assistance. At Moore Stephens they know how important it is to have credible and reliable audit and reporting, so they insist on every detail. This is a demanding cooperation, but, in the end, you know that Moore Stephens has provided the service you need. Moore Stephens has the expertise and experience that they are willing to share with their clients, they are one step ahead, and you, as a client, are able to follow them with confidence and satisfaction."

Milorad Bjeletić, Executive Director
Beogradska otvorena škola

"MOORE STEPHENS Belgrade team monitors and takes care of business of NIMAX company for 15 years, during which they demonstrated the highest level of quality in services provided. Company has shown exceptional knowledge in the field of finance, accounting and audit procedures and processes. They are always available for all our requests and advise us on every aspect of our business. Moore Stephens Team Belgrade acts in a friendly but very highly professional manner and every suggestion and advice they provide us with is the most constructive, applicable, pragmatic and helpful in our business."

Nela Simonovic, CFO
NIMAX d.o.o., Beograd 


„Moore Stephens Auditing and Accouting is our long term partner in external auditing. This company has a team of experts specialised for different audit areas, that went throung neccesery foreign training. They use the lastest audit software, so that you receive all preliminary tables in advance, thus having enough time for filling it in and sending it back. They comprehensively consider risks and internal control systems and present their findings in recommendations to the management.

Cooperation with this company is true pleasure, in business that is very demanding and analytical and we would sincerely recommend them to companies from the hotel and hospitality industry that have developed and complex structure of these services.“

"Miroljub Aleksić, CEO
A Hoteli


„Moore Stephens Auditing and Accounting is our long term partner. As we have longtime experience with companies doing external auditing, since adopting regulations in this area, we had the opportunity to be assured in all the advantages when cooperating with this auditing company.

Even though we are a large shareholding company with complex business acitivities in metal processing industry, especially in production, auditing was a complex word done with easiness, due to very good and extensive preparations. This was contributed by their expert teams equipped with the lastest audit and database search software, so the work was done on time and with quality, no matter what the scope of data and processes was.

Despite the fact that auditing is done after the statements of account are finished where the employees in the accounting department are under preassure, cooperation with this company is a huge and very important experience, so we would highly reccomend them to companies from metal and proccesing industry, which have complex production processes.“

Goran Kostić, Direktor
Alfa Plam a.d.


"Moore Stephens team from Belgrade performs the job at a very high professional level with excellent communication with clients. We have great confidence in their expert judgment and opinion. In addition, they continually learn, improve, develop and rejuvenate their capacities so that they are an excellent example of combining vast experience and wisdom with knowledge and enthusiasm of young people. "Moore Stephens" fosters good business relationships with clients and provides an exceptional opportunity to meet all the employees of the company once a year, as well as to exchange experience with other users of their services."

Svetlana Pajić, CFO
Mlekoprodukt, Zrenjanin 


„For a number of years, our Group, consinting of Jafa doo, Avala Ada doo, Papir servis doo and Belgrade Paper Factory, has the pleasure to cooperate with „Moore Stephens“ in the audit field.

This long-lasting successful cooperation is reflected in the monitoring of our needs and demands and solving problems within the agreed deadlines. The company „Moore Stephens“ with its team of employees, performs the audit of all members of the Group in a reliable and professional way.

As a Group with long – term developments goals, we expect support and assistance from the audit firm that we had in the previous years from Moore Stephnes.“

Dejana Backović, Group CFO


"The key factor in choosing Moore Stephens was their understanding of Cargo partner group, which requires both knowledge of applied technology and freight forwarding business expertise.  Moore Stephens was responsible for consolidation package according to IFRS, but also for statutory reports according to Serbian legislation.  We were impressed by the commitment and energy of the team, their expertise and willingness to provide us all necessary data on time."

Filip Borsik, Finance manager

“Moore Stephens Audit and Accounting Belgrade has been, for a number of years, not only providing us with audit services but also advising us thus helping the performance of our daily business activities.

Moore Stephens Team engaged on these tasks with their knowledge and experience is providing us with the service on all relevant issues in timely manner.

We emphasize that cooperation with Moore Stephens for us represents development support and fulfils all of our expectations within the field of service providing including audit, accounting and financial consulting.”
Jovica Milošević, Head of the Accounting Department


"Vojvodinaput" Novi Sad is cooperating with "MOORE STEPHENS Revizija i Računovodstvo” Belgrade in continuity since 2015.

In the period since 2004, when our company began with audits of financial statements, we have been cooperating with several audit firms.

We are confident that "MOORE STEPHENS Revizija i Računovodstvo " Belgrade is the best choice of all auditing houses with whom we have had business cooperation. Their work is characterized by high professionalism, professional attitude of the auditors, as well as exceptional quality of audit reports.

In this way I express my appreciation and gratitude for successful cooperation.”

Marko Cigic, General Manager
"Vojvodinaput" Novi Sad

"As a financial institution we use the services of the best external auditors in the course of our business. With the team of auditors from Moore Stephens we have been working very successfully in the last few years to our and their satisfaction. Communication is two-way and without obstacles which results in mutual trust, efficient work and cooperation. The service provided is always at high level of quality We will continue with the cooperation."

Markovic GoranChairman of the Executive Board and CFO

"Moore Stephens is a set of experienced professionals who, besides the audit service, provide their clients with great support in business and with proactive approach they respond successfully to every task. In addition to having a high level of knowledge, the team is extremely cooperative and the comfort in communication makes the audit work the one done with ease. With Moore Stephens, the audit of financial statements is a pleasure, not an obligation."

Bojana Šalvarica, CFO
MPC Properties