The company was established in 1994 as a legal successor to the audit department of the former Social Accounting Service of Serbia (SDK) which in the period from 1973 to the early 1990s was the only entity providing auditing services in the former SFRY. We are proud of the fact that our older colleagues learned audit in its homeland in London at the time when the word “audit” was completely unknown to this part of Europe.
In the beginning of 1994, with the arrival of the leading auditing companies to Serbia, a commercial audit company "Revizija i Računovodstvo / “Audit and Accounting" was established.  Almost all of the SDK staff members joined the new company, of whom a dozen are still within our ranks.
Aware of the need to engage in global accounting business in 2002, we joined the international accounting association MGI, and continued to operate under the name "MGI Audit and Accounting" until 2008.
In an effort to provide our clients with a greater exposure to the international capital market, as well as methodological support for employees and international professional training, after the privatization of the company by the consortium of employees in 2008, we became a full member of Moore Stephens International.
As a part of a broader organizational changes, in September 2019 our network changed its name from Moore Stephens International Limited to Moore Global Network Limited, and the name change was followed by a change of the brand name and the logo from Moore Stephens to the new Moore brand and logo. Our company has harmonized its visual identity with the global changes, however our companies’ legal name has remained unchanged.