Financial services

In the last decade, financial sector, and especially its banking segment, is the focus of public attention (global and domestic), as a result of numerous scandals that have resulted in financial breakdowns and were one of the main generators of the latest global economic crisis. This resulted in the fact that this (already regulated) market became subject to additional stricter regulations, as well as tightening controls by central banks, which was extended from the control of banks to auditing companies.

The financial sector is a regulated market, and the audit of the financial statements of banks is a privilege (but also a responsibility) of only a small number of elite auditing firms. Among them is Moore Stephens Audit and Accounting in Serbian market, as one of the currently eight auditing companies authorized for the audit of banks by the National Bank of Serbia (of which six are actively engaged in audit).

On this list we are present from the very beginning in 1994, and in the course of 24 years of business, we have audited the financial statements for dozens of banks, many of which in the process of privatization and restructuring of the banking sector in Serbia merged with international banking groups or otherwise terminated their business.

Apart from the banks, our clients are numerous insurance companies, brokerage houses, leasing companies and funds, and in recent years, (following new legislation), payment institutions as well.


“… Their work is always independent, objective, with an appropriate level of skepticism, which imposes additional engagements to establish a safe attitude that something is true, as stated in the reports.
It is great to cooperate with a team of experienced experts who are ready to make additional efforts to make the service carried out even before the scheduled deadlines...”

Mr Bojan Kekić, President of the Executive Board, Banka Poštanska Štedionica