The Global CEO has addressed the following message to all network members in this regard:

Dear Colleagues,

Next month, on 9 September across our network, we become MOORE.

We will launch our new brand across a network of more than 30,000 dedicated people, in 112 countries and more than 260 independent firms. We are a strong network and we deserve a brand which reflects this: modern, confident and professional. ‘Helping you thrive in a changing world’, is our brand positioning.

These words capture what Moore member firms provide clients and our community: a rock to rely upon in a business world defined by constant renewal, challenge and innovation. Advisers who not only provide the support enabling clients to flourish, but also the care to build strong, human relationships.

This positioning is not something we aspire to be. It is who we are. We bring this to life through our brand pillars: Access, Passion, Care and Community. Our launch will include a refreshing new logo, sharp colour palette and strong value proposition. Together, these reflect the progression of our global network.

The visual change is exciting, but most of all, we carry the brand as Moore people, through our behaviour, our response to client challenges and how we interact with colleagues and fellow member firms within the network.

On that basis, I feel confident that our move to Moore will help us continue to strengthen our network, as we help those we serve to thrive in a changing world.

Global CEO