Food & agriculture

Due to limited natural resources and a steady increase in the population, Food & agreeculture are getting more and more important, but at the same time they face increasing challenges. They are primarily reflected in the need for a constant increase in yield per unit and mass production of cheap food.

We have great experience in providing various types of services to clients in this sector, among which are primary agricultural producers (crop farming and livestock products), and producers of various food products (meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, bread and flour products, starch and oils, confectionery products, processing of fruits and vegetables…), as well as fodder and pet food products.



„...We choose Moore Stephens in many of our countries as competent audit partners. Our Serbian company has full complexity of sales, production, logistic, administration and is also internationally selling/buying products and raw materials. Therefore it gives our Serbian management and our central headquarter a very safe feeling to be supported by Moore Stephens.“

Christian Schubert, Sano Holding