Accounting services

Fr. Bartolomeo Luca de Pacioli (1445 - 1517) was an Italian mathematician, a Venetian trader and one of the first to contribute to the creation of modern accounting. He is therefore often referred to as the "father of accounting" because he was the first to publish a detailed description of the double entry system, enabling others to learn and use it.

From his time to the present day, changes in the way of doing business have always brought new demands to accountants. The globalization of business and the standardization of accounting principles which we have witnessed in the last decades, far outweigh the possibilities of an accountant-craftsman. For this reason, even companies that are able to develop their own accounting, more often decide to outsource these services.

We at Moore Stephens doo, believe that the key to a valuable compliance service is the strength of the relationship between you and our service team. This enables our work to be thoroughly and accurately planned and tailored to your specific needs. In doing so, we focus on industries where we have the necessary knowledge and experience, and our clients are mostly part of the international business.

Our accounting team possesses the necessary knowledge, experience and methodology for providing the following services:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll services
  • Statutory financial reporting
  • Corporate reporting
  • Tax returns
  • On line client banking
  • Business support services

"Moore Stephens is appreciated, not because of expertise, knowledge, precision and accuracy, because eventually others have the same, but because of understanding for all of our small and numerous differences and reflections, because of the smile with which they accept our requirements and the way they solve them. Once you enter their office and feel comfortable working atmosphere in which all your requests are solved, you know that you are in the right place and that you have chosen certainty and added value…"

Tatjana Miljević, CFO, TMS CEE doo