Financial consulting

A group of our experts helps and advises owners and managers on daily basis regarding the financial problems their businesses face, but also with their personal legal responsibility. Some of the challenges that we encounter in practice relate to (for us) day-to-day problems which are simply solved, while others are more complex and require different specialist knowledge and skills, due to which the involvement of external experts and international support is required.
Thanks to diverse knowledge and years of experience, we are able to assist the clients’ management  in solving various business problems and provide the following services of financial and business consulting:

  • Organization of financial function
  • IAS/IFRS adoption support (clarification, first-time adoption, accounting policies, etc.)
  • Preparation of special balances (consolidated, split-off, fusion, liquidation etc.)
  • Technical support for consolidation purposes
  • Actuarial calculations (IAS 19…)

"I would not refer to cooperation with Moore Stephens as a classic service. The right definition is a partnership that is continually upgraded. They are available 365 days a year to answer any question and resolve our dilemmas. They know our business to details, which enables them to do their job quickly and efficiently."

Stefan Cvetković, CFO, Jugo-Impex E.E.R. d.o.o. Niš