The production sector faces complex challenges more than ever before. Global market, due to the increasing pressure of competition, requires mass production of better quality goods, with lower production costs and shortening delivery deadlines. Successful companies are customer oriented, constantly striving to produce more, with as little costs as possible.

Moore Stephens doo has the necessary knowledge of the production sector as a whole, as well as specialist knowledge acquired through the provision of services to clients from different branches of production. In addition to the production of various food products (presented in the Agriculture and Food sector), our clients come from the metal and machine industry, textile industry, paper and packaging production, production of building materials, recycling of raw materials, rubber products and automotive components, pharmaceuticals, etc. 


„...Cooperation with this company is a huge and very important experience, so we would highly reccomend them to companies from metal and proccesing industry, which have complex production processes.“

Goran Kostić, Director, Alfa Plam a.d.