Public sector

The public sector is of particular importance to every society. It is made up of the state and its organs, state institutions, organizations, local self-government units, as well as all other entities directly or indirectly financed from the budget. It also includes Public enterprises that are in majority state ownership or owned by local government units.

One part of the services we provide to the clients from this sector, (based on donor funded projects), is described in the sector of the Not-for-profit & charities.
In the current economic and political conditions that impose the need for rational spending of budget funds, the business of this sector is rightly in the center of public attention.

On our list there are numerous clients from this sector. We recognize the importance of providing services at prices that are competitive, without compromising quality. Through a clear understanding of customer business and reporting requirements, we are able to provide services that really add value.


"The team that makes Moore Stephens is exceptionally professional and available at all times. Many years of experience in the area of accounting and auditing is the security for fast and efficient work performance. The kindness and the intuition of the employees makes the joint work and functioning more pleasant."

Gordana Milić, CFO, Skijališta Srbije