Not-for-profit & charities

Not-for-profit & charities have been experiencing real expansion in the last decades, which is particularly present in countries that face many humanitarian problems, including, unfortunately, our country and the whole region. In the process of Serbia's accession to the European Union, pre-accession funds have opened up numerous opportunities for financing projects of common interest.

Financing humanitarian needs from the UN and EU funds, as well as numerous state and private foundations, imposes the need to ensure transparency and accountability to the public, regulatory bodies and the founders that support them.
We appreciate that the not-for-profit & charities sector has unique operational needs. Realizing that the audit services on such projects require special knowledge and experience, which are very different from those required for providing audit services in other sectors, more than 10 years ago, we organized a separate department with expertise for auditors and consulting services in this field.
Today Moore Stephens doo can freely be called the leader in the domestic market in the not-for-profit & charities sector. We have a proven experience, gained through work on hundreds of projects, often in cooperation with our colleagues from Moore Stephens LLP, London. Apart from Serbia, our auditors provided this type of service to clients throughout the region, as well as in Germany, Hungary, Israel/Palestine and Cambodia.
This has enabled us in the role of trusted advisor, focusing on key business areas, to build long-term cooperation with numerous organizations that implement projects.


"... At Moore Stephens they know how important it is to have credible and reliable audit and reporting, so they insist on every detail. This is a demanding cooperation, but, in the end, you know that Moore Stephens has provided the service you need. Moore Stephens has the expertise and experience that they are willing to share with their clients, they are one step ahead, and you, as a client, are able to follow them with confidence and satisfaction."

Milorad Bjeletić, Executive director, Beogradska otvorena škola