Corporate advisory

Whether your goal is to sell or buy a business, or to privatize or restructure it, or for any reason you need an estimate of the value of assets and capital or creating a business plan, our team of experts will help you achieve your goal.
We have great experience in making financial and tax due diligence reports.

During the privatization period, our team of experts has (independently or within the international consortium) successfully privatized a large number of socially owned companies, including some of the largest telecommunications and construction companies at the teritory of Serbia and Republic Serpska (Bosnia).
We offer support to clients (on sale or buy side) throughout the entire investment process:

  • M&A advisory
  • Due diligence (financial and tax)
  • Data room analyses
  • Privatization and restructuring
  • Business valuations

“Metech searches for partner companies how strive for a correct yet pragmatic approach on business challenges we face today. Moore Stephens is one of the companies sharing and applying this philosophy together with Metech in daily business practices. This also means Moore Stephens is considered not just another supplier, but a strategic partner to support the growth of Metech in the years to come…”

Geert Raymakers, CFO, METES – METECH